Thursday, April 18, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Wow. I wonder how long has it been since I last blogged. Life has really caught up with me. Gone were the times I had time to rant on my blog. Just last year, I've been caught up with wedding plans and all. But 3 months from now I'm gonna be a mom. Can you believe it? A mom! Sometimes, it still does feel surreal that I'm pregnant but reality kicks in when the baby actually kicks me in my tummy. 

When the baby comes, I'm really gonna miss spending my lazy weekends where I can lay on bed until 11am just so I can and the days where I could just slip onto a simple top and run errands without much worry. With that, until the baby makes his/her debut, I'm gonna go out on dates with Andrew as much as possible! Be it a movie date.. or a dinner date.. or even better, a shopping date! Hehe.

Speaking of movie dates, I can't believe Iron Man 3 is gonna come out in a weeks' time! Time really does fly and I cannot wait to watch them! 

If I am able to customize my Iron Man suit to make it extra special, I would totally invent an Invisibuster!  Not to say that Tony Stark's current suit is lame, it's actually beyond cool and wouldn't it be better if it has an invisibility function? With that, Tony Stark can attack his enemies without revealing who he really is! He'll be those humble brag where he can punch and kick those baddies. Best of all, the enemies will never find out who their opponents were!

Can't wait to watch Iron Man 3 on the big screen! Find out more about Iron Man 3 here

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